The above advertising billboard is plastered all over the Twin Cities at the moment,and itgot me thinking,so here I am,once again,writing 金博宝亚洲娱乐aboutCoke Zero,remember this can?

Coke obtained afavorable decision from the TTAB early last year,ruling that ZERO isnotgeneric for a soft drink category,instead it is descriptive and Coke has secondary meaning in it.

So,why on earth has Coke positioned SUGAR immediately next to the word ZERO beneath the Coca-Cola script in widespread billboard advertising and packaging?

Putting the key trademark issue aside,itdoesn't even look like there is a good business case for it?

Had the above billboard advertisement and depicted bottle been part of the TTAB case decided last year,instead of specimenslikethe above can,seems probable we'd have seen a different result.

Has Coke forgotten thatlike functionality for non-traditional trademarks,genericness can be raised as a validity challenge for word marks,at any time?

Coke Zero,welcome to theGenericide Watch.